Notice to remedy breach (Form 11)

The Notice to remedy breach (Form 11) is used during the tenancy where either the tenants or the lessor/agent claim that there has been a 'breach' of one (or a number) of terms of the residential tenancy agreement.

Either the tenant/s or the lessor/agent can fill out this form if they believe the other has breached the tenancy agreement.

If the other person does not agree there has been a breach, they should try and resolve it with the person who issued the notice. If agreement cannot be reached, the RTA’s free dispute resolution service may be able to assist.

Whoever receives this notice will need to address the problem within the specified timeframe.

Schedule of timeframes

Residential tenancy   Unpaid rent  7 days if rent has been unpaid for 7 days 
   General breach  7 days
 Moveable dwelling tenancy  Unpaid rent  5 days if rent has been unpaid for 7 days
   General breach  7 days

Give this form to the person/s you believe are in breach, do not send to the RTA—keep a copy for your records.

More information is available on our Notice to remedy breach page.

Form 11 - Notice to remedy breach

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Current version: v11 Apr14

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