Sun damaged carpet - who's responsible?

The sun can fade carpet, as well as curtains, blinds and other household inclusions.

Gradual changes that happen with ageing, such as unavoidable sun damage, are generally considered to be fair wear and tear.

These changes can sometimes be hard to notice, but if a tenant sees that carpet in the rental property has been sun-damaged, it's a good idea for them to mention it to their lessor/agent, so they can consider what action may be required immediately or in the future.

Also, lessors/agents can also look out for any changes to the state of the carpet during their general routine inspections. Timeframes apply regarding rules for entry.

Look out for any changes to the state of the carpet during general routine inspections

The best way to avoid a dispute about carpet at the end of a tenancy is to make a note of the condition of the carpet at the start of the tenancy on the Entry condition report (Form 1a or 1b).

It's a good idea to take photos to confirm any comments made on the form.

At the end of a tenancy, tenants are obliged to leave the property and inclusions in the same state as they were at the start, apart from fair wear and tear.

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