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Doors open for community support

Aug 2015

The RTA has opened its doors to the community support sector to help raise awareness of Queensland tenancy laws and the role of the RTA.

On 2 July, 9 representatives from disability support organisations in Brisbane visited the RTA.

The seminars were designed to give support workers a greater awareness of tenancy laws and build their confidence in being able to refer clients to the RTA.

Wesley Mission consultant Dianne McCormick said the seminar gave participants an invaluable opportunity to 'trouble-shoot' their issues in an open forum.

Ms McCormick is establishing a sustainable tenancies program for young adults who have been in state care and will transition out of the state system once they turn 18.

"We recognise the importance of sustainable tenancies and the positive impact that secure housing has on the young adults we work with," she said.

"However the group we work with often have little understanding on how the private rental market works and we need them to understand the importance of simple things like communicating with their real estate agent – especially if they have a problem.

"It was invaluable to have open discussion about the issues we face and get a better understanding of what services we as support workers can access and also what services our clients can access."

Senior Community Outreach Officer Valentina Dimoska said, “Our research suggests that vulnerable people in our community get the majority of information from their support networks, in real time, as they are experiencing tenancy issues.

"That’s why it’s so important we engage with the sector and ensure they feel confident in the services of the RTA."

Anyone interested in attending future on-site seminars should contact Valentina Dimoska at or by calling 3046 5631.