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Pets in rental homes

Jan 2016

The RTA is reminding tenants they must get written permission to have a pet in their rental home.

"The tenancy agreement that is signed at the start of the tenancy indicates if the tenant is allowed a pet, what type of pet and the number of pets allowed," RTA CEO Darren Barlow said.

"A tenant can’t bring a pet into the rental property during the tenancy without written permission from the owner or property manager. If they do they are in breach of their tenancy agreement."

Statistics show that pets are not favoured among home owners with just 10 per cent of the state’s rental properties allowing pets.

However a lack of pet-friendly homes for rent has sparked calls by leading industry bodies including the REIQ for more property owners to consider allowing pets.

Mr Barlow said tenants were responsible for any damage to the property caused by their pets.

Rules for pets in tenancies

  • Tenants are responsible for any damage to the property caused by their pets
  • Owners cannot charge a pet bond in addition to the bond taken at the start of the tenancy
  • Owners can protect themselves by writing specific details about pets in their tenancy agreement including:
    • State whether or not pets are approved
    • The type of pet permitted (fish, rat, large dog, small cat)
    • How many pets are allowed
    • Include specific details about the pet in the Special Terms like if the pet is allowed indoors or is an outside dog only