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Doors open for guide dogs

Oct 2014

In Queensland, people who rely on guide, hearing and assistance dogs have rights under anti-discrimination laws to use and rent accommodation. Under these laws, a person can seek compensation or another remedy if they are refused use of the accommodation.

Recent amendments to the Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs Act 2009 now make it an offence for an accommodation provider to refuse to rent accommodation because a person with a disability is accompanied by their guide, hearing or assistance dog.

It is also an offence if accommodation is refused to approved trainers, employee trainers and puppy carers because they are with trainee support dogs.

Under the new laws people with a disability cannot be charged extra for or be separated from their dog.

The maximum penalty for breaching the law is $11,000 for an individual or $55,000 for a corporation.

Further information is available by visiting or phoning 13 QGOV (13 74 68). People can also email