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Self-resolution help

Oct 2014

The RTA has introduced a new service to help clients resolve tenancy issues before they become disputes.

The Client Support initiative is aimed at providing clients with practical suggestions to help them avoid the dispute resolution process.

Clients are referred to the service following an initial assessment by the RTA's contact centre and are provided with information or support to help resolve certain issues.

This approach means clients can make informed decisions before pursuing the matter through other RTA services or external organisations.

RTA CEO David Eades said the service was already proving highly successful, with 80 per cent of clients resolving their issues without the need to submit a Dispute resolution request form.

Informed and well supported clients mean smoother tenancies

The service helps clients consider their options and make informed decisions, he said.

"This proactive approach to tenancy issues saves our clients time and money and ultimately benefits the entire sector."

"Informed and well supported clients mean smoother tenancies."

"This is just one way we are making a positive difference to Queensland's residential rental sector," Mr Eades said.

Clients may have a variety of issues including: rent arrears, ongoing problems with maintenance or repairs, or they may need to work through the process of ending a tenancy properly. Sometimes clients have multiple problems to resolve.

While the new service helps clients consider their options, it does not make decisions for clients or make contact with other people involved.

The initiative assists clients with self resolution strategies and information on the legislation, if required.

The service may also refer clients to outside organisations such as RentConnect, who help Queenslanders find and apply for a place to rent.