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Be storm ready

Oct - Nov 2014

The RTA is urging property owners to ensure their rental properties are prepared for the possibility of wild weather this storm season.

"Severe storms can strike at any time and cause major damage to property so it is important to be well prepared," RTA CEO David Eades said.

Landlords or their agents are responsible for keeping the property in good order and in a safe condition. This generally includes trimming trees and clearing gutters.

Tenants need to ensure they secure outside furniture, children’s play equipment and toys or anything that could cause damage. Larger items that are potentially dangerous should be a particular focus.

"Owners and agents also need to consider asset protection, liability issues and insurance coverage," he said.

Mr Eades said while this type of maintenance should be done routinely, the onset of storm season, which typically occurs between October and March, should act as a timely reminder for people to ensure their rental property is storm and fire ready.

What Queenslanders can expect this storm season

This storm season weather watchers are predicting an elevated risk of heatwaves and fires, while predicting ‘average’ storm activity.

“There is an elevated risk of heatwaves and fires, and tropical cyclones are always part of living in Queensland – even in El Niño years – and should not be underestimated," a Bureau of Meteorology spokesperson said.

“The background climatic conditions leading into our summer show the Pacific as leaning towards El Niño, but not quite there.

“Normal 'get-ready' precautions should always be observed, but these climatic conditions usually imply a near average thunderstorm season is expected, and floods are always possible."

Emergency Management Queensland have a detailed list of helpful hints and emergency contact details about preparing for storm season.

All weather warnings appear on the Bureau of Meteorology website.