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Complete Bond lodgement (Form 2) for successful submission

Completing a Bond lodgement (Form 2) is a simple process.

When a Form 2 is submitted online, the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) will reject images or forms that have missing information or details, are unreadable, blurry or of poor quality.

Here are three helpful tips to ensure your Form 2 can be submitted successfully online in the first instance.

  1. Provide all the details required. This means writing full names (i.e. Jonathan Brown not J Brown), date of birth and contact details in the corresponding spaces. The Form 2 must also be signed by all parties to the bond.
  2. Check that the bond amount being lodged with the RTA on the form matches the total amount of rental bond paid by the tenants.
  3. Review the quality of your digital image for uploading. The form in the image must be clear, readable, and should resemble a similar size to a physical A4 document in the image.

Watch this video for assistance in completing and submitting the Form 2.

Remember under the law, property managers/owners must lodge full bond amount with the RTA within 10 days of receiving the rental bond.

Find out more about rental bonds, or contact the RTA direct on 1300 366 311.