Bond lodgement (Form 2)

The Bond lodgement (Form 2) is used when lodging either a full or part-payment of rental bond money (for Queensland tenancies) with the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA).

This form should be used when:

  1. lodging a full bond, or
  2. paying off the bond, or
  3. increasing the bond as a result of a weekly rent increase

Only tenants/residents who have contributed to the bond and the lessor, agent or manager/provider should fill out this form.

Please provide your full name as shown on your identification.

All relevant fields need to be completed or processing delays may result.

The lessor, agent or manager/provider must lodge all rental bonds with the RTA within 10 days of receipt even if all signatures are unobtainable. Failure to do so is an offence and may result in a financial penalty.

The RTA will issue an Acknowledgement of rental bond to all parties to confirm lodgement of the bond with the RTA.

Lodging your form

  • online: scan your completed form, upload online, and pay using BPAY
  • post to: RTA, GPO Box 390, Brisbane Q 4001. Lodge the signed original form with a cheque or money order

Cheques and money orders should be made payable to Residential Tenancies Authority.

For more information see our Rental bonds page.

Form 2 – Bond lodgement
Download (PDF 110KB)
Current version: v3 Jun16