Entry notice (Form 9)

The Entry notice (Form 9) is used to give notice to tenants about an entry by the lessor/agent.

The form is completed by the lessor/agent and given to the tenant/s.

The entry notice periods are shown on the form or can be viewed on the Entry to the property page.

Tenant/s are given this notice when the lessor or agent wants to gain entry to the property on a particular date.

If the property is being sold, the notice must be given to the tenant/s by the agent selling the property (called a secondary agent). In this case, a copy of the form must also be given to the renting agent.

A secondary agent (which may also include agent’s nominated repairer) must show the tenant written evidence of their appointment, if asked, before entry can take place.

If the tenant/s disputes the grounds for entry, they should try and resolve this with the person who issued the notice.

If agreement cannot be reached, the RTA’s free dispute resolution service may be able to assist.

Schedule of timeframes

Reason for entry
Timeframe required
Inspection—not short tenancy moveable dwelling 7 days and, unless otherwise agreed, not within 3 months of previous entry
Inspection—short tenancy moveable dwelling 24 hours and, unless otherwise agreed, not within 3 months of previous entry
Routine repairs and maintenance 24 hours
Routine repairs and maintenance—to inspect to check if repairs have been done 24 hours (must be within 2 weeks of repairs being done)
Repairs and maintenance—if remote and not practicable due to shortage of tradesman No notice required
Repairs and maintenance—moveable dwelling site only—regular maintenance stated in the agreement No notice required
Smoke alarms— to install or check on alarms 24 hours
Safety switches—to install or check on switches 24 hours
To show prospective purchasers* or tenants
* refer to Notice of lessor’s intention to sell premises (Form 10)
At least 24 hours and reasonable time has lapsed since last entry
Valuation 24 hours
Suspected abandonment 24 hours
To inspect to ascertain if the tenant has remedied a significant breach (significant breaches are defined in the Act) 24 hours (must be within 2 weeks of the expiry of the Notice to remedy breach)
Mutual agreement At the agreed time
Emergency No notice required
To protect property from imminent or further damage No notice required
Form 9 – Entry notice
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Current version: v14 Apr14