Renting and the Queensland Housing Strategy

Hundreds of Queenslanders have voiced their views on housing and renting as part of the government’s Queensland Housing Strategy consultation.

The RTA asked the community to have their say on key issues relating to renting as part of the review of the Act.

The RTA participated in 16 public engagement sessions in Brisbane and regional areas during May and June 2016 where people discussed the renting issues that affect their local communities. The RTA also hosted tailored sessions for specific groups within the sector.

The RTA attended a variety of stakeholder events, such as real estate agent workshops and training sessions and liaised with stakeholder bodies, including the formation of a Stakeholder Consultative Group with representatives of key sector organisations to consider proposed amendments.

The Renting in Queensland survey canvassed specific topics such as minimum building standards, supporting longer term leases and notice periods. More than 220 responses were received.

The RTA analysed the information collected during the engagement process and worked with representatives of key stakeholder groups to discuss options to be considered by the Queensland Government.

For more information and updates visit the Queensland Government website.

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