eServices FAQ

eServices FAQ

Key changes

  • all refunds can now be submitted (100 per cent to tenant and those with a claim)
  • increased security (email validation for refunds)
  • old eAdministration section has changed (re-named User management)


You can now submit all bond refund forms through eServices.

  • Full bond goes to tenant/s: Menu > Bonds

Changing your details

ABN and bank account details cannot be changed in eServices. You will need to send in a new Client details form to the RTA. If you need to change your contact or address details, or if you have questions about these changes give us a call on 1300 366 311.

Finalised bonds

You will no longer be able to view finalised bonds in eServices. You will only be able view bonds with a balance.

What level of access can I have with eServices?

Usually the principal of an agency, or business owner, registers with eServices and has agreed to the terms and conditions. They are responsible for all transactions, including those performed by other users in the agency. All users must have a user ID and password to access the system.

The principal/owner can:

  • give staff access to eServices
  • lodge bonds and submit refunds
  • allow staff to lodge bond refunds online (conditions apply)
  • add new users

The principal/owner must not share their password with other members of staff.

Why can't I lodge online refunds?

The principal may not have given you permission. You will need to speak with the principal of your agency about giving you access to eServices.

Why would a user be deactivated?

If a user no longer has permission to access eServices, or has left the business, the user’s account should be deactivated by the agency principal. A deactivated user will get an error message and will not be able to log in.

If the principal deactivates their own account, no-one at the agency will be able to access eServices. The principal should contact the RTA if they need their account reactivated.

I’ve forgotten my password or user ID

  • login area > Forgotten password
  • enter the email address (listed with eServices) and a temporary password will be sent to you

If you enter an incorrect password more than five times you will be locked out of your account. Try again after 30 minutes or call the RTA for help.

If you have forgotten your user ID contact the RTA.

I am having problems seeing my menu items

JavaScript compatibility must be enabled in your browser.

If this does not resolve the issue, you may need to speak to your IT support for assistance, as the RTA cannot help with this.

How do I get a list of my bonds?

  • Menu > Bonds
  • leave all search fields blank > Search
  • download bond list (export as .CSV file)

Why can’t I find a bond in my list?

There may be information missing from the bond lodgement form preventing the RTA from matching the bond with the correct RTA ID. If there are bonds missing from your list, contact us and we can help fix any issues or advise you what to do.

If the bond has been paid out, or if the bond lodgement is still being processed, the bond will not appear in the list.

Can I lodge a refund online?

Recent changes mean you can now submit all bond refund forms through eServices:

1. Full bond goes to tenant/s: Menu > Bonds
2. All other refunds: Menu > Upload refund form

Refunds will only be made to Australian bank accounts (no cheques). A tenant’s forwarding address must be provided when the full bond is refunded to them.

What are the meanings in the status column?

request refund – available for refund via eServices, allows full refund to tenant/s

processing refund – a bond refund has already been requested and is being processed through eServices.

unavailable for refund – a process is in place on the bond (e.g. Notice of Unresolved Dispute)

Contact us if individual contributions do not equal the bond. For all other reasons you will need to post the refund form to the RTA.

Why won’t eServices accept the address of the rental property?

Rental property addresses are validated by eServices.

  • enter the address without commas, slashes or other punctuation
  • to enter an address with a unit, site or similar number, enter the street number and name and the suburb or postcode, then select the correct unit number from the dropdown list
  • if the address is not an exact match a list of possible addresses will be displayed and you can click to select the correct address.

Overseas and GPO box addresses will not be accepted.

Can my online refund request be withdrawn?

You will need to make this request in writing to the RTA. It cannot be withdrawn in eServices.

If the refund has been processed by the RTA before the withdrawal request is received, the bond refund cannot be reversed.

What if the tenant details are incorrect on the refund request?

The RTA can only act on the information provided. The person who has set up the eServices account is responsible for all transactions. The RTA is not liable for any losses that occur as a result of you providing incorrect information.