Welcome to eServices

Welcome to eServices

Important: eServices will change from 16 August, 2016

Key changes

  • new quick links to bond lodgements and refunds
  • principals have better management of staff access
  • improved security: validate BSB when adding a bank account
  • historical bond data no longer available


You can now submit all bond refund forms through eServices.

  1. Full bond goes to tenant/s: Menu > Bonds
  2. All other refunds: Menu > Upload refund form

Changing your details

ABN and bank account details cannot be changed in eServices. You will need to send in a new Client details form to the RTA. If you need to change your contact or address details, or if you have questions about these changes give us a call on 1300 366 311.

Finalised bonds

You will no longer be able to view finalised bonds in eServices. You will only be able view bonds that have a balance.


  • Control staff access
  • Search your bond list
  • Displays full list of your bonds (download spreadsheet or print)
  • Bond refunds
  • Bond lodgements (pay by BPAY)

Systems requirements

Please use the latest version of your preferred browser and ensure that Javascript is enable

1. Control user access (User management)

Agency principal/authorised signatory can:

  • add new users
  • view bond list
  • submit refunds
  • lodge bonds
  • change user permissions

user management

1.1 Change User management settings for staff member
  • User management > select
  • full (view bond list, add a new user, change permissions), or
  • view list (view bond list)
  • save changes
1.2 Allow user to submit refunds
  • User management > Refunds > select
  • Yes
  • save changes
submit refunds

1.3 Add new user

  • User management > select
  • Add new user (form opens)

add new user

  • Complete details > add user > new user appears in list

add new user

1.4 New user login

  • email will be sent to new user with user name and temporary password
  • login url > eServices

new user log in

Type in User ID and Password > Log in

new user log in

new user log in

  • Menu > Change password
  • complete old and new password fields
  • tick box if you want to receive RTA notices by email
  • read the terms and conditions > agree
  • Change password

change password

2. Bond list

bond list

2.1 Search for a bond > type in the Rental bond number or Address of rental property > search


2.2 Search results will be displayed

search results

2.3 View the details of a particular bond > bond number

search list

2.4 Bond detail screen opens

bond details screen

2.5 To get a full bond list > search

bond search

2.6 Full bond list will show (download)

full bond list

3. Requesting a refund – full bond goes to tenant

3.1 Search the required bond > request refund

request refund 

3.2 Complete all fields on Refund form > Submit refund

submit refund

3.3 Confirmation of bond refund request is shown

confirmation of bond refund

4. Requesting a refund - claim is made on the bond

4.1 Menu > Upload refund form

4.2 Complete latest refund form

  • print and complete form or complete form electronically and print
  • include rental bond number
  • form must be signed by everyone contributing to the bond and the property manager/owner

4.3 Scan and save

  • scan or take photo of <a href="http://www.rta.qld.gov.au/Resources/Forms/Forms-for-general- tenancies/Refund-of-rental-bond-Form-4" target="_blank">refund form (smartphone or digital camera)
  • save the image file as: jpg, pdf, gif or tiff (maximum 2MB)
  • make sure file is readable

4.4  Fill out required fields
4.5 Upload (do not email)

  • if there is more than  tenants you need to submit another refund form