Water charging (tenants)

'I am confused about the water bill.'

Need to know

  • you can be charged for water (under certain conditions)
  • you only need to pay for the water you use (owner must pay fixed charges)
  • you have 1 month from the time you receive the bill to pay it
  • you cannot be charged a fee for late payment of the bill


  • water billing periods and tenancy periods are unlikely to align
  • make a note of the water meter reading on the entry and exit condition reports
  • to work out your share of the bill, multiply the number of days by the daily cost
  • ideally the agent/owner should provide evidence of water usage and pass the bill on to you as soon as practical
  • ask the agent/owner to forward the bill straight away (if they do send several bills a once, you still have to pay the bills, but you can try to negotiate a reasonable time to pay)


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