Offences relating to the Act

The RTA investigates alleged offences that attract a penalty under the Act. The RTA does not investigate breaches that do not attract a penalty (e.g. claims of money owed or disputes about property maintenance).

Some of the offences the RTA can investigate are:

  • failure to lodge a bond with the RTA within 10 days (maximum 40 penalty units)
  • failure to provide a written tenancy agreement (maximum 20 penalty units)
  • failure to provide an Information Statement (Form 17a or Form 17b) at the beginning of a tenancy (maximum 10 penalty units)
  • entry by a property manager/owner without proper notice or consent (maximum 20 penalty units)
  • imposing special terms in tenancy agreements that contravene the Act (maximum 50 penalty units)
  • failure to provide a forwarding address if asked to do so in writing at the end of a tenancy (maximum 20 penalty units)
  • ending a tenancy in an unauthorised way (e.g. forcefully evicting a tenant) (maximum 40 penalty units)

For all offence provisions download the Act.

Fines are based on a system of penalty units. The maximum fine is calculated by multiplying the value of 1 penalty unit by the number of penalty units set for that offence.

The current penalty value for an individual is $133.45. The penalty unit amount is greater for corporations.

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