Penalty Infringement Notices

What you need to know about Penalty Infringement Notices (PIN)

Some offences under the RTRA Act can incur a Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN) instead of prosecution through the Magistrates Court.

  • Issuing a Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN) enables the RTA to fine those who commit less serious offences.
  • A PIN can be issued for one or multiple offences, relating to one or multiple tenancies.
  • PINs can be issued against an individual or a corporation, and the amounts differ for each.
  • The amount of a PIN is stipulated in the State Penalties Enforcement Regulations and fines range from a few hundred dollars per offence for an individual, to a few thousand dollars per offence for a corporation.
  • When a PIN has been issued, you can elect to either:
    • Pay the fine in full (by EFT or cheque)
    • Arrange to pay by instalments (for fines >$200 only), or
    • Contest the PIN in court (i.e. take it to trial).

Remember: obtain legal advice when deciding how to deal with a PIN. Even if you think it was unfair to receive a PIN and fine, you still need to determine whether your actions amount to a breach of the law.

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