Pocket guide for tenants (17a) - updated

We have updated our Pocket guide for tenants – houses and units (Form 17a). The revised pocket guide features a more user-friendly layout with side tabs, updated information on special terms, and important information regarding domestic and family violence in a rental property.

Property managers/owners should destroy any physical copies of the old booklet they may have to avoid confusion.

From 2 July 2018, the new pocket guide will be available online. To order copies of the new booklet, visit this page or call 1300 366 311. The booklet will also be translated into seven languages to make information about the basics of renting accessible to a greater number of Queenslanders.
The booklet contains important information for tenants and property managers/owners regarding:
  • Rights and obligations 
  • Moving in
  • During a tenancy
  • Moving out
  • Domestic and family violence support
  • Contact details
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