Ending a tenancy

There are new approved grounds under which property owners can give tenants notice for ending tenancies during COVID-19 emergency period. Changes have been made to when and why agreements can end due to the impact of COVID-19. 
New approved reasons are available during the COVID-19 emergency period for property owners, including: 

  • the property owner is preparing to sell the property and the preparation requires the property to be vacant or they have entered into a contract for sale of the property with vacant possession
  • the owner or a member of their immediate family needs to move into the rental property.

Evidence may be required to substantiate the reasons and penalties may apply for misusing or making a false statement about specified approved reasons.

Owners must give the tenant eight weeks’ notice if they need to end the tenancy due to COVID-19 impacts. You should carefully read the Residential Tenancies Practice Guide.

Normal processes and grounds apply to ending agreements for reasons not related to COVID-19, except where specified.

View the full list of notice periods for ending a tenancy

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