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Here’s the information relating to What do I do after a natural disaster?

  • Property becomes unliveable Information
    A tenancy does not automatically end when a property is declared unliveable. The unliveability of a property must be considered on a case-by-case basis. Read more
  • Who is responsible for repairs? Information
    The property manager/owner or provider must keep the property in good condition. The tenant/resident is responsible for keeping it clean and free from damage. Read more
  • Ending a tenancy agreement Information
    A tenancy agreement can end if correct notice is given, if everyone mutually agrees or if a serious issue arises. Read more
  • How to resolve tenancy issues Information
    Whether you are the property manager/owner or the tenant/resident, you can take proactive steps to resolve your own tenancy issues. Read more
  • Natural disasters fact sheet Publication
    A tenancy agreement does not automatically end as a result of a natural disaster (e.g. flooding, cyclone, bushfire), even if the property is is damaged or non-liveable. Read more