During a tenancy

During a tenancy, the tenant has the right to enjoy the property as their own home.

The tenant and property manager/owner have responsibilities throughout the tenancy.

Knowing the rights and responsibilities of tenants and property managers/owners – and what to do in certain situations – can help make a tenancy run smoothly.

Maintenance and repairs

The property manager/owner or provider must keep the property in good condition. The tenant/resident is responsible for keeping it clean and free from damage.

Rent and other bills

A tenant/resident pays rent for the period of the tenancy agreement. The amount of rent and how it should be paid will be detailed in the tenancy agreement.

Breach of the agreement

A Notice to remedy breach is a written document that informs someone that they have broken the General tenancy or Rooming accommodation agreement.

Extending a tenancy

Information on extending a periodic or fixed term tenancy agreement. Lease renewal.