Rules and change of site in a caravan park

A property manager/owner can make rules about the use, management and control of the park. These rules become part of the tenancy agreement.

The property manager/owner must give the tenant a copy of the park rules with the proposed tenancy agreement before taking any money (e.g. rental bond) or signing anything that commits the tenant to the agreement.

If the tenant breaks one of the park rules, they will have breached the agreement.

The property manager/owner can make park rules about:

  • how the park's common areas (e.g. play areas, swimming pools, barbecues, and toilet blocks) can be used
  • how much noise people can make and at what times
  • where and when any sporting or recreational activities can occur
  • speed limits for cars and other vehicles
  • where cars and other vehicles can be parked
  • the disposal of rubbish
  • whether pets can be kept

Pocket guide for tenants - caravan parks (Form 17b)
v14 May24

The Pocket guide for tenants - caravan parks (Form 17b) is for tenants who live in a caravan or mobile home (manufactured home) or rent a site. It includes information the tenant will need while renting and explains their rights and responsibilities under the law.

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