Our promise to you

To provide you with the best service possible we are committed to:

  • listening to you and being fair and impartial when helping you
  • providing you with complete, timely and accurate information how and when you want it
  • working together and supporting you to resolve your tenancy issues
  • valuing and protecting the personal information you give us
  • enabling you to provide feedback easily to improve our service
  • understanding your needs by undertaking client research and engaging with stakeholders.

To focus on providing quality services we are committed to:

  • simplifying our processes to deliver efficient and seamless services
  • constantly innovating and adapting the way we do business to better meet your needs
  • having responsive and flexible systems, people and services.

We understand that how we interact with you is important.

We will ensure our staff are helpful and have the knowledge and experience to assist you.

Help us help you

You can do this by:

  • ensuring the forms that you lodge are accurate and have all the information, signatures and documents needed
  • providing us with all requested information within the specified timeframe
  • providing your reference number if you know it
  • keeping us up to date about any changes to your contact details or forwarding address
  • telling us if you have special requirements, such as needing interpreter assistance
  • treating our staff with courtesy and respect

The RTA does not provide legal advice. Customers should get their own professional or legal advice about their particular circumstances if necessary.