RTA Careers

Our vision is Renting that works for everyone and our purpose is to empower positive relationships and maintain fairness in the rental sector. We do this by providing tailored information, education and regulation for all Queenslanders on their rights and responsibilities under the legislation. 

We are committed to equal employment opportunity. Selection of candidates for advertised positions is based on merit and fair consideration. 

Should you decide that the RTA is the workplace for you, you’ll have access to many employee benefits and experiences. If we sound like a good fit for you, please view our current career opportunities or visit Smart Jobs and Careers and select Residential Tenancies Authority from the ‘Department or organisation’ drop-down menu. 

If you are unable to download a position description and would like a copy posted to you, or for any employment enquiries, email HR Services Team.

The RTA will not respond to any unsolicited contact from recruitment agencies.

Employee benefits and career growth

Salary and leave 

The RTA offers competitive remuneration and employment terms and conditions. Leave entitlements (pro rata for part-time employees) include: 

  • Minimum of 20 days recreational leave per year 
  • 17.5% leave loading payable as a lump sum in December each year 
  • 10 days paid sick/carers leave per year 
  • 13 weeks paid long service leave, payable after 10 years continuous service with access to pro rata leave after 7 years 
  • 14 weeks of paid parental leave and 1 week of paid spousal leave 
  • Paid domestic and family violence leave. 

In addition to RTA employer contributions, staff can contribute between 2-5% of their salary towards their superannuation and this is matched by the RTA up to 12.75%. 

Work-life balance 

RTA staff have access to a number of flexible work arrangements including: 

  • flexible home-based working for up to 3 days per week 
  • compressed work hours 
  • part-time hours 
  • ability to accrue flexible time off. 

Diversity and Inclusion 

We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce to ensure our people feel valued and respected. To support the implementation and continued development of our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, the Better Together Committee actively promote and deliver an annual roster of educational events and activities. 

The RTA is also a member of Diversity Council Australia (DCA), an independent not-for-profit organisation which leads diversity and inclusion in the workplace. As an employee of a member organisation, staff can attend DCA events, access the DCA library and attend facilitator-led knowledge programs.  

Health and wellbeing 

The RTA’s health and wellbeing program has been designed around the four key elements of wellbeing: physical, emotional, social and financial wellness. Staff have access to a rolling calendar of wellness initiatives as well as our Employee Assistance Program, which is free for all staff and their families to access. 

Learning and development 

Our Performance Framework enables career growth and is designed to drive a high performing culture. RTA employees have access to: 

  • a learning calendar of events and activities, addressing gaps and trends across the organisation
  • a skills matrix to assist our people in understanding capabilities required across each classification level 
  • the leadership pipeline which takes a targeted approach to staff development, outlining strategies to help employees reach the next level in their career 
  • RTA-specific courses and training 
  • the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) where participants are paired with an RTA leader and provided with coaching and development over a six-month period. 

Rewards and recognition 

The RTA has a number of reward and recognition programs including:  

  • our annual CEO and Values Awards 
  • service awards for long-term staff 
  • corporate celebrations 
  • recognition of staff milestones.  

Social life 

The Social Club Committee organises activities during the year which promote a sense of community across the RTA by bringing staff together in a social environment.  

Working for Queensland survey results 

Working for Queensland (WfQ) is an annual survey conducted across the Queensland Public Sector to measure employee perceptions of their work, leader, team, and their organisation. 

In 2023, we exceeded the Public Service Offices (PSO) benchmark against all survey factors. RTA employees listed their social and leader support, and awareness of health and safety obligations as key organisational strengths.


Working for Queensland 2023 survey results