When tenancy disputes occur, the RTA encourages tenants/residents and property managers/owners to try to resolve disagreements by talking to each other. Often disputes arise when someone does not meet the terms of the tenancy agreement so it is a good idea for everyone to understand their rights and responsibilities.

Our free dispute resolution service provides conciliation to help people resolve tenancy disputes if they are unable to do this themselves.

The RTA also investigates offences under the Act.

RTA Web Services

Bond Disputes

Bond disputes occur when one or more parties respond to a Notice of claim from the RTA and disagree over how a bond refund should be paid out. You can dispute a proposed bond refund via RTA Web Services.

Tenancy disputes 

A tenancy dispute is any disagreement between the managing party and the tenant/s, which is not a bond dispute.  Common tenancy dispute reasons include rent arrears, repairs and water charges. You can request free conciliation for a tenancy dispute online, using the RTA’s Tenancy Dispute Web Service. This Web Service can also be used at the end of a tenancy, once a bond refund is in progress, for a claim greater than bond. 

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