Forms & resources

New and updated forms for general tenancies and rooming accommodation have recently been added to reflect changes to Queensland rental laws.  Learn about the changes.

COVID-19 Changes

The Queensland Government has recently passed laws for tenants and property owners affected by COVID-19.


Download RTA's handy publications which provide corporate information and useful information for tenants, residents, agents, managers and owners.


The RTA has produced a range of fact sheets for tenants/residents and property managers/owners living in or managing houses, units, flats, caravans and moveable dwellings.


Watch the RTA's series of free educational webinars to help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a property manager or owner.


The Talking Tenancies podcast is brought to you by the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) and explores everything you need to know about renting in Queensland.

Tenancy information seminars

The property manager/agent and property owner/landlord seminars are a great way to learn about key areas of interest and concern that arise during tenancies.

Median rents quick finder

Find rental prices in your area with our median rents quick finder. Search by quarter and compare to the same period over 3 years.

Student resources

These resources can be used to provide targeted information for teachers and students for education about renting in Queensland including translated publications for languages other than English.

Information for agents, managers & owners

Useful information and links to other agencies who may be able to assist with aspects of your tenancy - for agents, managers and owners.


eServices is the RTA's online bond management facility for managers who lodge multiple bonds with the RTA.

Useful links

Useful links to other organisations offering tenancy support

Glossary of terms

Understand commonly-used tenancy terms

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