Paperless services

Paperless RTA services from 1 January 2020

The RTA has ceased bulk printing of all forms and publications as of 1 January 2020.

Moving towards paperless services will help the RTA to reduce the Queensland rental sector’s environmental footprint and follows the recent expansion of RTA Web Services, which make essential tenancy services faster, easier and more convenient for our customers.

While the RTA encourages all customers to use Web Services for single bond transactions, customers will still be able to download the latest forms and publications from our website, or order single printed copies via the website or by contacting us.

A wide range of educational materials and information can also be found in our forms, publications and resources library. You can view our fact sheets and videos on various topics, catch-up on our monthly webinars, or download the Pocket guide for tenants in seven different languages.

The RTA also recommends property managers/owners discuss with their tenants about sending and receiving copies of required documentation and keeping records electronically.

For legislative requirements like the Pocket guide for tenants, property owners/managers can offer an electronic PDF copy of this information statement if the tenant is agreeable to it. If the tenant agrees, the property owner/manager must keep a record of the email that is sent to the tenant with the PDF copy of the information statement as proof of compliance. Alternatively, property managers/owners can download the latest user-friendly version from our website, or order single printed copies via the website or the RTA Contact Centre.

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Read our five steps to help you prepare for the move to a paperless RTA, and understand how to remain compliant with rental legislation.