Organisational structure

The RTA administers the Act and is responsible to the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Planning and Minister for Public Works.

The RTA is governed by a Board of Directors which consists of a Chair and six directors.

The organisational structure includes the Chief Executive Officer and five divisions.

Corporate governance

The RTA’s decision-making processes are informed by compliance and transparency and our corporate governance framework is based on the Queensland Auditor-General’s model and includes far‑reaching accountability processes.

Our commitment to the Queensland Government’s focus on integrity and accountability underpins our existing corporate governance processes. The RTA's operations, performance and compliance is reported in detail through the annual report.

The RTA’s main functions are to:

  • provide tenancy information
  • manage rental bonds
  • provide a dispute resolution service
  • investigate offences under the Act and prosecute where appropriate
  • provide community education
  • provide advice to the Minister about residential tenancy and rooming accommodation issues and the operation of the Act, and
  • monitor sector data and conduct research.

We support the Queensland residential rental sector through accessible, flexible and targeted services within a legislative framework.

Divisions of the RTA

Finance & Assurance Services Digital Business Centre Customer Experience People & Culture Transformation Office
  • Finance
  • Governance, Legal, Risk & Compliance
  • Government Relations
  • Housing Legislation Amendment Project team
  • Service & Integration
  • Digital Solutions
  • Business Intelligence
  • Bond Management & Support
  • Contact Centre & Dispute Resolutions
  • Workforce Optimisation
  • Customer Experience Improvement & Delivery
  • Communication & Education
  • Human Resource Services
  • Learning & Organisational Development
  • Enterprise Change
  • Portfolio Management Office

Finance & Assurance Services (FAS)

This division is responsible for a broad range of key activities that ensure the financial stability of the RTA, as well as key responsibilities including the development and monitoring of the RTA’s strategic and operational plans, management of government relationships and whole of government reporting, enforcement of the Act, and overseeing the RTA’s portfolio of projects and programs. 

FAS Team Description
Partners across the business to add value through meaningful financial analysis and timely reporting. 
Governance, Legal, Risk & Compliance A multi-disciplinary team incorporating governance, legal, risk, facilities, board secretariat, compliance and enforcement services. 
Government Relations Manages the relationships between our government stakeholders and the RTA. Provides support and direction on business strategy and business planning and manages the Service Delivery Statement and the Estimates Hearing process. 
Housing Legislation Amendment Project Team Responsible for the implementation of the Housing Legislation Amendment Act 2021.


Digital Business Centre (DBC)

The DBC is responsible for supporting the RTA’s business systems, standard operating environments and applications, as well as maintaining records, and providing business intelligence to facilitate strategic direction and good decision making. 

DBC Team Description
Service & Integration Provides leadership, governance and oversight of information management that supports the effective collection, extraction, maintenance, use and dissemination of information gathered while conducting RTA’s daily business. This business unit is also responsible for vendor management and cyber security services. 
Digital Solutions Responsible for implementing the Digital and Technology delivery portfolio across the MyRTA Modernisation and our residual legacy platforms. This team also delivers other projects under the Digital Strategy and, in conjunction with technology partner Idea 11, monitors, maintains and enhances our core business systems, applications and processes. 
Business Intelligence Responsible for providing expert reporting and analysis for the RTA on residential tenancies and housing data, as well as organisational performance data for internal and external audiences. 


People & Culture (P&C)

The People & Culture division partners with and supports the business to help drive a high performing, values-focused culture through the fundamental services of Communication & Education, Human Resource Services, Learning & Organisational Development and Change Management. 

P&C Team Description
Communication & Education Plays a critical role in keeping our people and our customers informed and engaged by facilitating two-way communication that delivers the right messages, to the right people, at the right time. The team is responsible for the RTA’s corporate communication, graphic design, digital communication, community education, stakeholder engagement, and media enquiries. 
Human Resource Services A multi-functional team that works to ensure that the RTA attracts, engages, and retains top talent within our organisation. The team provides essential services including payroll and recruitment and is also responsible for the RTA’s Workplace Health and Safety Management Plan, which incorporates the popular health and wellbeing program for our people. 
Learning & Organisational Development Ensures we have the right capability within our teams to drive a high performing culture. Key focus areas to help our people thrive include quality assurance, learning and development, leadership capability programs, engagement surveys, performance management, and talent and succession planning. 


Customer Experience (CX)

The CX division provides our customers with personalised tenancy information, bond support and information, and dispute resolution services. 

CX Team Description
Bond Management Processes requests in relation to rental bond lodgements, refunds, and updates to rental bonds. 
Contact Centre Answers customer enquiries throughout Queensland, aiming to resolve issues and provide relevant information at the first point of contact. 
Dispute Resolution Provides unbiased conciliation support to help resolve tenancy and bond disagreements. 
Support Provides specialised assistance to customers who require additional support with self-resolution strategies, bond queries, and the use of our Web Services. 
Workforce Optimisation Provides workforce optimisation strategies and support services across the Customer Experience division.


Transformation Office (TO)

The Transformation Office is responsible for driving a targeted and coordinated approach to the organisation’s transformation program, ensuring internal and external stakeholders are prepared for, and supported through change.

TO Team Description
Enterprise Change Works with internal and external stakeholders to support and prepare for change across the organisation.
Portfolio Management Office Provides the frameworks, resources and support to enable successful delivery of RTA's projects from concept to completion.