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Rental law changes introducing minimum housing standards will come into effect for new tenancies from 1 September 2023, and for all tenancies from 1 September 2024.  

All parties should be aware of their rights and responsibilities so they can make informed renting choices and help avoid problems during the tenancy.

Entry to the property 

When a tenant is renting a property or room, it is their home. The property manager/owner may need to enter for an inspection, repair or a viewing, but it is important that the tenant’s privacy is respected. Know where you stand regarding entry to the property.

Fixtures and structural changes

There are rules about the fixtures attached to, or installed in, a rental property and tenants must seek agreement from the property manager/owner before considering making any changes to these. Find out the requirements for attaching fixtures or making changes to a rental property.


Inclusions are everything supplied with the property for the tenant’s use and will vary from property to property.  Find out your obligations for rental property inclusions.

Renting with pets

A tenant must seek approval from the property owner/manager to keep a pet and is responsible for all damages and nuisance caused by the pet. The property owner/manager must respond to a tenant’s pet request in writing within 14 days and provide reasons for their approval or refusal of the pet. Understand your rights and obligations around renting with pets.

Routine inspections

Routine inspections are carried out to ensure the property is well cared for by the tenant and to check if there are any repair, maintenance or health and safety issues. Find out your obligations for routine inspections.

Quiet enjoyment

A tenant is entitled to reasonable peace, comfort and privacy, and must be able to make full use of their property. Find out your rights and obligations to quiet enjoyment.

Rules and changing site in a caravan park

A property manager/owner can make rules about the use, management and control of a caravan park. Find out your rights and obligations when it comes to caravans, moveable dwellings and sites in Queensland.

House rules in rooming accommodation

When the tenant signs the agreement for rooming accommodation, they are also agreeing to the house rules. If they break a house rules, they are breaking the agreement.  Find out your rights and obligations for house rules in rooming accommodation.


Watch this video to understand your rights and responsibilities during a tenancy agreement.


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