Events that impact the agreement

Circumstances may change at any time for tenants or property owners/managers that may impact a rental agreement. While good communication is the key to resolving most problems, it’s important to know your rights and responsibilities should a serious problem occur.

Change of house mates or property manager/owner

There may be changes to the people involved in the tenancy agreement during the tenancy. Find out who you need to talk to about the tenancy changes and any paperwork that is required.

Natural disasters

Queensland experiences more natural disasters than any other state in Australia. Extreme weather conditions such as hail, rain, flooding, lighting and wind can be unpredictable and may cause major damage to a property. Find out what you need to do should a natural disaster occur.

Property becomes unliveable

Find out what your options are when a rental property becomes unliveable.

When a property is for sale

There are many reasons a property owner may sell a rental property but it doesn’t have to mean the end of a rental agreement. Learn more about what’s involved when a property is for sale.

Domestic violence in a rental property

Every person has the right to feel safe and live free from violence. Which is why ending domestic and family violence is a community responsibility. A person who experiences domestic violence in a rental property has rights under tenancy law, even if they are not named on the tenancy agreement. 

Breach of the agreement

A breach of the tenancy agreement is when the property manager/owner or tenant fails to comply with any part of the agreement. Find out about the types of breaches and how these situations can be resolved.


Watch this video to find out how the RTA can help with our free dispute resolution service, if parties are unable to self-resolve.