Extending a tenancy

Periodic agreements

A periodic agreement continues indefinitely until the tenant or property manager/owner gives notice to end it.

Fixed term agreements

No new agreement: if the tenant has not been given notice to leave and a new agreement has not been put in place, the tenancy continues as a periodic agreement under the same terms and conditions of the original agreement.

No changes to the agreement: the tenant and property manager/owner can sign a letter or statement with the new dates.

Changes to the agreement: a new tenancy agreement will need to be put in place.

The rent can be increased between two fixed term tenancies if the tenant and property manager/owner agree.

Updating your fixed term agreement end date

The RTA needs to keep your bond information current. If you have recently extended your fixed term agreement (i.e. you have renewed your agreement with a new end date) or you are moving onto a periodic tenancy at the same rental property, please update this information online. 

How to update your bond information with the RTA: 
  • Have your rental bond number handy. You can find this on your bond lodgement receipt letter or a recent email you may have received from the RTA. 
  • Have a copy of your latest tenancy agreement (Form 18a/b or R18), which will list your new end date (if you are moving onto a periodic agreement, you can also let us know this. 
  • Update your details using RTA Web Services. You will need to verify your identity securely through QGov with 100 points of Australian Government issued ID. You may have already completed this process when your bond was lodged.  
  • If you’re unable to use RTA Web Services, you can use our paper-based form or call us. 

Important: You must have approval from the property manager/owner if you want to change or renew your tenancy agreement.  The end date provided to the RTA should match the end date of your tenancy agreement.

If you are ending your tenancy and leaving the rental property, you can read more about the steps you need to take including understanding the vacating process and getting your bond back.  

Check and update your contact details online to ensure the information is up to date in preparation for your refund.  Don’t forget to update the bank account you’d like your bond refund to be paid to.