The Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) is committed to working with you to resolve your complaint. You can use the form below to submit a complaint about the RTA’s:

  • customer service
  • policies and processes
  • products, forms, and services
  • privacy protection.

You can also submit a complaint if you believe your human rights have been limited by the RTA.  

If you would like to submit general feedback about our services or staff, and you don’t require a response from the RTA, please use our customer feedback form. You can also contact us Monday – Friday: 8.30am - 5pm (excluding public holidays). 

This form is for complaints about the RTA only and should not be used to submit a complaint about another party to the tenancy. If you are having an issue with another party in the tenancy, visit the RTA’s dispute resolution page

Submitting a complaint

Please ensure you provide detailed information about the nature of your complaint. Relevant details may include:

  • the date and time an incident occurred
  • the name of any RTA staff members involved
  • the names of any relevant RTA services or forms
  • any RTA reference numbers provided (such as bond number or client ID).

You can choose to provide contact details, or make a complaint anonymously. While anonymous complaints will be considered, the RTA will not be able to let you know the outcome of the investigation. The RTA can only investigate anonymous complaints if enough detail is provided to properly evaluate the issue. 

Important: submitting a complaint to the RTA does not automatically suspend or put on hold any legislative Notices. You will still need to meet any applicable Notice timelines and deadlines while your complaint is being handled. 

Complaint handling process

The RTA has a complaints management policy to ensure we deal with all complaints in a fair and timely way. After you have submitted a complaint, it will go through the following process:

 Complaint handling process. 1. Assessment - The RTA will acknowledge your complaint within seven working days. 2. Investigation - If you have provided contact details, the RTA will let you know the outcome of your complaint within 25 working days. 3. Action - Where applicable, the RTA will make changes based on the complaint findings. We will monitor the outcomes of these changes and measure improvements.


If you have provided contact details, the RTA may get in touch during our investigation to discuss the issue or request more information.

Each complaint will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the circumstances, outcomes of the complaint could include:

  • an apology
  • an adjustment to your RTA record
  • changes to RTA services/products
  • staff disciplinary action or
  • providing an explanation or clarification of the issue.

*If your issue is complex or involves a human rights complaint, a more detailed investigation may be needed. This may take up to 45 working days and we will keep you informed of the progress.

Review options

If you believe the initial response provided by the RTA does not satisfy your complaint, you can request an internal review of your complaint.

The original complaint and the RTA’s response will be reviewed by someone who was not involved in the initial complaint process. If you believe this second review does not satisfy your complaint, you may take the matter to the Queensland Ombudsman for external review.

How to submit a Complaint

Alternatively, download the customer feedback form below and send it to RTA, GPO Box 390, Brisbane Q 4001.

Complaints Form
v4 Jul22

If you are dissatisfied with your experience with the RTA, you can use this form to submit a complaint and we will investigate it.

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Complaint statistics

In 2022–23, the RTA answered 344,056 calls, conciliated 22,112 disputes and investigated 764 alleged offences.

We responded to 127 formal customer complaints, with 116 resolved during initial contact and 11 requiring further action.

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