The RTA is committed to working with you to resolve your complaint. You are required to provide the details of your complaint by submitting a form so we have all the necessary information needed to begin the RTA’s official process for resolving complaints.

Process for handling complaints

After a complaint has been successfully submitted, the RTA will aim to respond within 7-10 business days. The steps involved in handling feedback and complaints received by the RTA are:

  1. Receipt and initial assessment
  2. Actioning
  3. Responding
  4. Recording
  5. Monitoring and reporting

Please note, more time may be required if the matter is complex.

Options for redress

A complaint can be resolved by the following options:

  • An apology
  • An adjustment to the client’s record
  • An explanation or clarification of their concerns
  • Another remedy that may involve an administrative decision by an authorised staff member.

The availability of a particular remedy will depend on the specific circumstances of your complaint.

Obtaining feedback/status of your complaint

To obtain feedback on the status of your complaint, you can use your RTA Client ID. If you do not have a Client ID, please contact us.

You should contact the RTA, quote your RTA Client ID and identify that you are seeking feedback on the status of your complaint. You will then speak with a Client Services Officer who can provide you with the relevant information.

Options for Review

If you believe the initial response provided by the RTA does not satisfy your complaint, you can request an internal review of your complaint.

The complaint and the RTA’s initial response will be reviewed by someone who was not involved in the initial complaint process. If you believe this secondary review process does not satisfy your complaint, you may take the matter to the ombudsman for external review.

Submitting a Complaint

To submit a complaint, please use the form below.

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If you would like a response to your complaint, please provide your contact details.

If your complaint is about the outcome of an RTA process:

If the complain is in relation to a staff member:

Desired outcome of your complaint

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