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Type Definition
Tenant A person who rents a property (e.g. house, unit, caravan, houseboat) from a property owner/landlord or through a property manager/agent.
Resident (rooming accommodation) A person who rents a room from a rooming accommodation provider/agent and shares other common rooms or facilities (e.g. kitchen, bathroom).
Property manager or agent A person who is licensed to and manages a rental property (e.g. house, unit, caravan, houseboat) on behalf of a property owner/landlord, for example a real estate agent or onsite manager. This includes social housing property managers (e.g. Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy and community housing providers registered under the Housing Act 2003).
Property owner or landlord A person who owns a property (e.g. house, unit, caravan, houseboat) and makes it available for rent to a tenant.
Caravan park manager A person who manages a caravan or moveable dwelling park and rents a caravan/moveable dwelling or site to a tenant.
Rooming accommodation provider A person who manages rooming accommodation and rents rooms to residents (e.g boarding house accommodation).
Community support worker A person in a human services agency who provides information or assistance to those in need (e.g. homelessness services).
RTA staff Employees of the Residential Tenancies Authority in Queensland.
Other Government employees, training providers, schools, universities/TAFE, organisations with an interest in tenancy matters.
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