Outstanding Bond Payments Form

Be scam aware: Any official RTA electronic correspondence will always come from an @rta.qld.gov.au email address. The RTA will only ask you to provide your details by completing an approved RTA form via RTA Web Services or a paper RTA Update your details form. If you have concerns you are not dealing with an authorised RTA officer, hang up/do not respond and contact the RTA directly.

The RTA is working to reconnect Queenslanders with more than 120,000 outstanding rental bond payments.  

Completing the web form below is just one of the ways you can check if you are owed any outstanding bond monies. Learn more

  1. To avoid any delays in processing your request, you will need to provide us with at least three pieces of information relating to your tenancy so we can verify your tenancy details in our system and assess if any outstanding bond payments are linked to the details provided. 

By completing this form you agree to have the RTA update your details and contact you regarding your enquiry. Learn how the RTA protects customer privacy

Most online form enquiries will be processed within two weeks (14 days). This can take longer if your application is not complete and we need to collect additional information to proceed with processing your request.

We ask customers not to call before this time has passed and to please use our dedicated online form or Web Services to enquire about outstanding bond payments. This helps ensure our Contact Centre can continue to remain available to support Queenslanders with urgent tenancy and bond matters.

Tenancy information

Provide at least three pieces of information relating to your tenancy. To assist us in locating potential outstanding bond payments, please include as much information relating to your tenancy as possible.

Do you have an Australian bank account?
Outstanding bond payments can only be refunded to an existing Australian bank account.

Additional information

Please provide us any additional information that may assist in identifying your tenancy: