Report an advertised rental property for repair concerns

Use this form to anonymously report an advertised rental property that you have seen online or inspected that does not appear to meet minimum housing standards.

If you are involved in a current tenancy that you believe does not meet minimum housing standards, request RTA dispute resolution.

You can also learn more about your options via our minimum housing standards fact sheets for general tenancies and rooming accommodation.

What happens next? The RTA’s Compliance and Enforcement team will review your submission and proactively contact the property manager/owner as appropriate. As this is an anonymous tip-off, the RTA is unable to provide further updates on your submission. 

Are you a:
How did you identify the property:
Tip: Providing the property address helps if the supplied link to this advertised property becomes unavailable. 

If you have trouble completing or submitting this form, please contact us or submit a website feedback online enquiry