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Reminder: Solar for rentals trial available in Bundaberg, Gladstone and Townsville

Are you a landlord looking to increase the value and appeal of your rental property or a tenant who wants to access the benefits of solar power?

The Queensland Government’s Solar for rentals trial continues to offer rebates of up to $3,500 for landlords to install solar systems on their rental properties in the Bundaberg, Gladstone and Townsville local government areas. This opportunity will enable around 1,000 tenants and landlords to share the value of installing a solar PV system.

Landlords and tenants both need to agree to be part of the trial and sign a new lease of at least 12 months with a fair rent increase. In return, tenants get access to solar and monitoring, potentially saving hundreds of dollars a year by using the solar power in the home or selling it back to the electricity grid.

Houses, townhouses or duplexes (with their own roof space and electricity meter) currently rented for $350 or less per week are eligible.

The Residential Tenancies Authority reminds tenants to review the proposed tenancy agreement and ask for clarification before signing and paying any money. Property managers/owners must also provide their tenants with appropriate notice when entry to the rental property is required.

The trial runs until 30 June 2020. To find out more, check your eligibility and use the solar for rentals calculator to see if you would benefit.