Renting? Protect your privacy – ensure the RTA has your individual email address

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The Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) is committed to protecting our customers’ privacy and security while continuing to develop and deliver services that help make renting work for everyone.

Customers who are renting must provide a unique email account – an account which is only used by you – when transacting with the RTA.

Where tenants use a shared email account, or one that is jointly accessible, this could create privacy risks if multiple parties can access RTA correspondence which may contain a customer’s most current contact details and personal information – for example, in a Domestic and Family Violence situation.

What you need to do

Consider whether the email address you usually provide when you are asked for contact details is a shared account or a unique one. If unsure, refer to the last RTA email correspondence you received to confirm which email account you provided to the RTA.

If the identified email account is a unique account that is only used by you, is not accessible by anyone else and is up-to-date, then no further action is required.

However, if you provided a shared or jointly accessible email account, you will need to update your details. Update your details using RTA Web Services to include a unique, individual email address and current contact details. Alternatively, you can call the RTA Contact Centre on 1300 366 311 (8.30am-5pm, Monday to Friday).

If you have recently used any of the RTA Web Services, no action is required as the service only accepts unique email accounts from customers.

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