RTA webinar: Don’t muddy the waters – understanding water charges

17 February 2020

Utilities form a major part of a tenant’s cost of living and are often considered as additional expenses to the weekly rent. Being surprised by an unexpectedly large water bill in a tenancy, or not having utilities for the property paid on time can cause unnecessary tension between parties, and potentially strain a great relationship.

As a property manager or property owner, how can you confidently pass on water charges and bills, and how do you manage expectations with tenants for on-time payment?

Join us for our next webinar to refresh your knowledge on the rights and responsibilities around water charging, hear practical tips on preventing and de-escalating tenancy disputes early, and we’ll show you how to apply these new learnings in a common water charging dispute scenario.

Webinar details
Date: Tuesday 25 February 2020
Time: 10.00am – 10.30am
Location: Online

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Topics will include:

  • Rights and responsibilities regarding water charges
  • Water efficiency standards
  • Guide to understanding water bills
  • Practical negotiation tips for managing tenancy issues
  • Case study of a common water charging dispute.

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