New renter checklist - moving out

New renter checklist - moving out

If you’re moving out of your first rental, it’s important you know the processes and steps around ending a tenancy. This RTA checklist can help guide you through the moving out process. 

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This resource is currently being reviewed and updated following the 1 October 2022 rental law changes.

As a result, some of the information contained in this resource may be out of date. 

Visit the RTA's rental law changes web page to access the latest information.

The property manager/owner should notify you when your rental agreement is coming to an end. If they do not offer to renew or extend the agreement, or if you don’t want to stay, you will need to move out. In either situation, written notice is required to end an agreement.

If you are moving out before the end date in the agreement there may be additional factors to consider. Read the Ending an agreement early page for more details.

  • Either you or the property manager has issued a Notice of intention to leave (Form 13) or a Notice to leave (Form 12). Notice periods differ depending on the type of tenancy agreement.
  • Contact the property manager/owner about the moving out process.
  • Check the agreement for any special terms that need to be considered.
  • Contact utility providers to disconnect electricity/gas/internet for the last day and, if needed, arrange for it to be connected at your new property.
  • Update any relevant people and organisations about your change of address.
  • Pay rent up to the agreement ending date and cancel any future automatic debit payments.
  • Report any repairs or maintenance issues and try to get these fixed prior to the end of your tenancy.
  • Finalise cleaning.
  • Complete the Exit condition report (Form 14a) and take photos.
  • Return all keys/remotes/access cards to the property manager/owner.
  • Apply for your bond refund – the quickest and easiest way to get your bond back is an agreed refund between you and your property manager/owner. You can apply for a bond refund via the RTA’s Bond Refund Web Service. The bond will be returned to you if no money is owed to the property manager/owner for rent, damages or other costs. Bonds are refunded into Australian bank accounts only.

Further information

For more information contact the Residential Tenancies Authority.

Accessing RTA forms

The RTA’s forms can be obtained electronically or in person by contacting us.

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