Documents the caravan park tenant should have

Before a tenant moves into a rental caravan they should receive a number of documents which spell out the responsibilities of the renter and the park manager/owner.

These should be read carefully so all parties know where they stand.

We’ll start with the Moveable dwelling tenancy agreement (Form 18b).

This records the tenant’s contact details, names of tenants, rent, method of payment and emergency contacts.

Also included in the documentation is the Pocket guide for tenants – caravan parks (Form 17b)

This explains in simple terms what the tenant and the park’s manager/owners obligations are from moving in…to paying rent…to appropriate conduct…to moving out.

The tenant should also receive a copy of the caravan park rules, which stipulates what is and isn’t allowed.

The tenant will most likely be asked for a bond, in which case they’ll have to fill in a Bond lodgement (Form 2).

The bond should he lodged with the Residential Tenancies Authority within 10 days.

Finally an Entry condition report (Form 1b) should be filled out.

This document is an agreement between the tenant and the park owner/manager about the condition of the ‘van when the occupant moves in.

The premises should be clean, working and undamaged, and the fittings in good repair.

The tenant is advised to note any shortcomings and photograph any aspects of concern, which may become an issue when it comes to moving out and the bond being refunded.

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