Make deck and balcony safety your priority

05 March 2020

Rotting timber, fungus growth, corroding screws, warped bracing, cracked posts and split planks are just some of the dangers found by building inspectors on some of Queensland’s worst decks.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) has issued a warning to homeowners not to be complacent about deck health as the Queensland sun has been baking decks across the state.

QBCC Commissioner Brett Bassett said having a decay free deck will reduce the risk of any unwanted disasters.

“Deck safety should always be on your mind before hosting friends and family for the quintessential Queensland barbeque which has become a staple social event,” he said.

“Decks, balconies, balustrades, stairs and handrails all require regular and effective maintenance to help ensure their long-term safety.

“We always recommend using a QBCC-licensed contractor to carry out any renovation or repair work on your deck or balcony, but before calling someone, it pays to give your deck a regular visual inspection.”

The QBCC recommends homeowners conduct checks on their decks and balustrades to keep a close eye on potential failings or maintenance issues.

Mr Bassett said that fixings, bracings, posts, bearers and joists were the key areas that needed to be checked.

“We recommend a visual inspection at least every 12 months, however the frequency of any maintenance depends on the materials, type of finish, climate and the degree of exposure to the weather,” he said.

The Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) is also encouraging rental property owners/managers and tenants to ensure they check their properties.

RTA CEO Jennifer Smith said all parties involved in private rentals should arrange and facilitate adequate inspections, repairs and maintenance to ensure the safety of their rental property.

“Property managers/owners have a responsibility to make sure the rental property is clean, safe, in good repair, fit to live in and abide by health and safety laws – and tenants also play an important role by keeping the property clean, damage-free and notifying the property manager/owner of any repairs required in a timely manner,” Ms Smith said.

For more information on how to keep your balustrade safe click here and for information and important tips on deck health, click here.

Homeowners can find a licensed contractor using the QBCC’s free online licensee search or by calling 139 333.

Read the full media release on the QBCC website.

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