SAPA and RTA collaboration to boost support sector resources

A new collaboration between the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) and the Supported Accommodation Providers Association (Qld) (SAPA) will deliver targeted educational resources for sector managers, providers and residents. 

Together, the RTA and SAPA will co-develop a range of new tenancy information resources including an educational webinar, news articles and two whole-of-tenancy checklists for providers/managers and residents. 

RTA Chief Executive Officer Jennifer Smith said SAPA and its members play an important role in Queensland’s residential rental sector, assisting some of our community’s most vulnerable people. 

“We are pleased to have SAPA as members of the RTA Stakeholder Forum and value the important contributions and insights Chair Yvonne Orley and Committee member Nathan Johnson will bring to our discussions,” Ms Smith said. 

“A key role of the RTA is to assist accommodation providers/managers and residents to understand their rights and responsibilities under residential tenancies legislation. 

“Our Outreach team was pleased to meet with Yvonne and Nathan recently to discuss how the RTA can continue to improve the information and education services we provide to the supported accommodation sector. 

“We’re excited by the opportunities our strengthened collaborations will deliver in the months ahead.” 

SAPA Chair Yvonne Orley said: “We thank the RTA for acknowledging the unique needs of the group of people we support and their accommodation providers, and look forward to sharing our experiences on behalf of our members.”  

About the RTA 

The Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) is a self-funded statutory authority that administers the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (the Act). The Act outlines the rights and responsibilities of everyone involved in a tenancy in Queensland.  

The role of the RTA is to provide independent information and services to tenants, residents, accommodation providers, property owners and property managers. The RTA provides tenancy information, education, bond management, dispute resolution and investigation services.  

The RTA also engages with key stakeholders through the RTA Stakeholder Forum, which provides an opportunity for peak industry bodies and representatives to discuss issues and trends affecting their sector, collaborate and have input into RTA initiatives. 

Helpful resources 

The RTA’s Managing rooming accommodation in Queensland booklet highlights the key responsibilities of providers/managers and the processes they need to follow at the start, during and end of a tenancy. Through the RTA website, providers/managers and residents can also: 


To learn more about SAPA and their services, please visit their website

Original publication on 24 Nov 2020
Last updated on 24 Aug 2021

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