Multicultural Action Plan 2022–23 annual reporting

Multicultural Action Plan 2022–23 annual reporting

The Queensland Government has developed a multicultural action plan. The plan aims to support Queenslanders from diverse backgrounds to overcome barriers to getting involved in local life.

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The Multicultural Recognition Act 2016 requires entities with commitments under the Queensland Multicultural Action Plan 2022–24 to report publicly on an annual basis.

The Multicultural Action Plan consists of six actions and the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) is identified as an agency required to undertake the following four actions:

  • Key Action 2: Barriers to participation facing culturally and linguistically diverse communities will be removed so they can join the Public Sector and Queensland Government boards, through culturally inclusive recruitment practices and workplace cultures.
  • Key Action 3: Over the next two years, Queensland Government agencies will improve their cultural responsiveness by undertaking an audit of critical areas of service delivery (funded or directly delivered).
  • Key Action 4: The Queensland Government will collect, analyse, and use cultural diversity data to improve service delivery and better meet customer needs.
  • Key Action 6: Queensland Government agencies will ensure equitable and respectful opportunities and experiences for staff and customers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, through targeted initiatives to address unconscious bias and racism and promote inclusion.

This report fulfils this requirement for the RTA in 2022–23.