RTA administrative access scheme

The RTA's Administrative Access Scheme allows people to be given access to information through a streamlined process. Where possible the RTA will release information this way. It is an easier and quicker process than the formal Right to Information (RTI) or Information Privacy (Privacy) application process.

Anyone can apply for information however there is no guarantee that access will be given. The scheme is usually used by people wanting to access their own personal information.

There is no ability to seek a review of an access decision made under this scheme however applicants dissatisfied with a decision may make a complaint to the RTA.

Information which may be accessed

Any information, as long as it is not exempt, may be accessed.

The RTA may blank out some information before providing it, to protect people's privacy or to protect confidential information.

Information that is exempt under this scheme includes:

  • information that cannot be legally released
  • information relating to a current investigation or prosecution (not closed) or other law enforcement activity
  • information that is subject to legal professional privilege
  • information relating to a current dispute resolution (conciliation) case except where the applicant is a party to the dispute or acting on behalf of a party to the dispute.

Generally forwarding address's will not be released under this scheme.


Applications can be made in writing or over the phone. Requests must include the applicant's full name, signature, contact details and enough detail about the information being requested. All written requests must be signed and email requests must include a scanned attachment containing the applicant's signature.

The RTA is committed to protecting the privacy of its clients’ information and only releases information where it is authorised to do so. To ensure that only authorised people receive information the RTA will ask a series of questions to verify your identity (verbal requests) or check your signature against our records (written requests).

The RTA may refuse to deal with an application that does not meet these requirements or is unreasonable (e.g. very large requests or if the information has already been provided).

Fees and charges

There is no application fee associated with making a request however the RTA may charge a fee to reproduce or provide access to the information.

Other ways to access information

Please note: The Queensland Government’s online request form for RTI or information privacy applications cannot be used to request documents from statutory authorities, such as the RTA.

To make an RTI or information privacy application to the RTA, please download and complete a Right to Information and Information Privacy Access Application form  (PDF, 171.5 KB) and either:

RTI and Information Privacy Officer
GPO Box 390
Brisbane Q 4001

Further information