Evidence in an investigation


Rental law changes introducing minimum housing standards came into effect for new tenancies (including renewed tenancy agreements) from 1 September 2023, and will come into effect for all remaining tenancies on 1 September 2024.


When submitting an investigation request to the RTA, it is important to consider what evidence can be provided to help support the allegations.  

Often the investigator will be provided different versions of events from each of the parties. Providing a detailed version of events along with supporting evidence can greatly assist in determining if an offence occurred.    

Example: Unlawful entry to premises  

When requesting an investigation into an alleged unlawful entry, a thorough description of the event should be provided including:  

  • the date and time of the entry 
  • the name of the person and anyone else that entered 
  • details of anyone else home at the time of the entry  
  • how long the person stayed and what was said. 

Supporting evidence should also be included, such as:  

  • the General Tenancy Agreement 
  • any Form 9, Entry Notices issued  
  • any emails or text messages between the parties about the entry  
  • any CCTV or recordings that were made of the entry
  • any notes made about the event.