The RTA is improving how we handle customer complaints

The RTA is changing how we handle customer complaints 

The Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) values customer feedback and is committed to using it to improve our processes, services, and products.

In line with this, we have launched a new complaints management policy and an updated and improved online complaints page.

Customers can now use this new online complaints form to submit a complaint about the RTA's: 

  • customer service 
  • products, forms, and services 
  • policies and processes 
  • privacy protection.  

Customers can also make a complaint if they think the RTA has limited their human rights.  

A paper complaints form is also available to ensure customers who don’t have internet access or prefer to use paper can still make a complaint to the RTA. 

The new complaints policy will ensure we continue to deal with customer complaints in a timely, fair and transparent manner. Complainants can choose to provide contact details or remain anonymous.    

How to give feedback to the RTA 

The complaints form is just one of the ways customers can give feedback to the RTA.  

Other channels you can use include our:  

  • Contact Centre – if you have a general enquiry or you’re unhappy with your RTA experience, we encourage you to call us in the first instance to see if we can help resolve the issue 
  • Customer feedback form – you can use this to submit general feedback about the RTA or to compliment a staff member  
  • Website feedback form – you can use this to tell us how we can improve our website content. 

Did you know?  

In the 2020-21 financial year the RTA: 

  • received over 415,000 customer calls 
  • responded to over 77,000 email enquiries  
  • finalised over 29,000 disputes resolution requests
  • responded to 98 formal customer complaints and of these customer complaints, 94 were resolved at the initial contact with four requiring further action.
Original publication on 23 Aug 2022
Last updated on 25 Aug 2022

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