Stay up to date with all news and useful information about renting in Queensland. From changes in rental rules and procedures, to other interesting topics to do with your rental home in Queensland – the RTA newsroom has it covered.

Unclaimed bonds: remember to update your details

Tenants are urged to contact the RTA to update their details

Who is responsible for mould in a rental property?

One of the most commonly asked questions about rental property maintenance

Partnership to keep rental market fair

Partnership between the RTA and Department of Justice and Attorney-General

Ask the RTA – noisy dog

What to do if a noisy dog moves into a rental property next door

Increasing the rent in rooming accommodation

What are the rules around charging more rent in a boarding house?

Documents the caravan park tenant should have

Mandatory documentation to be distributed to the tenant prior to renting a van.

Removal of graffiti

Who's responsible for removal of graffiti on a rental property?

Penalties and Prosecutions: Get the facts

There are 129 offences under the RTRA Act.

Seizure of a resident’s goods for rent

It is illegal to take a residents good in lieu of unpaid rent

Rentals and robberies

Where do you stand if your rental property is broken into?

Broken windows

Who's responsible if a window in a rental property is accidentally broken?

Warrant of possession – the last straw

WOP is the last straw for getting rid of troublesome tenants

Breaking a lease

Breaking a lease for excessive hardship – what are my rights and what costs are involved?

Holding deposits

The rules governing the holding of deposit to secure a rental property

Security in rooming accommodation

What are the stipulations about security in rooming accommodation?

Moving on fairly

Unsure how damage and wear to a rental property is defined?

Jump into pool safety

Don’t dive into the deep end without understanding your rights and responsibilities.

You and your caravan – who’s responsible for emergency repairs?

Learn how to get your caravan fixed as soon as possible.

Friends – how many is too many?

Two’s company, three’s a crowd. Know when it’s time to ask someone to leave.

Fur babies creating a storm

Fur babies in the balance, how the discussion about letting them on the lease is progressing.

Hosing down disputes over water charging

Ways to take the sting out of high water bills.