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Stay up to date with all news and useful information about renting in Queensland. From changes in rental rules and procedures, to other interesting topics to do with your rental home in Queensland – the RTA newsroom has it covered.

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RTA webinar: Resolving disputes

Hints and tips to help work through disputes in a tenancy

Be prepared for wild weather

Take action during Get Ready Queensland Week (13–19 October)

RTA Annual Report 2018–19 now published

RTA making strides towards strategic objectives

Streamlining services for a paperless RTA

Bulk printing to cease from 1 January 2020

RTA services and resources for tenants

Celebrating International Tenants’ Day 2019

Agent fined over ‘predatorial’ behaviour towards tenants

Agency interfering with tenants’ reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of using rental premises

Landlord fined $2,000 after RTA probe uncovers illegal entry offences

Repeated breaches of landlord attract penalty

RTA webinar: Introducing RTA web services

Lodge single bonds online for more speed and convenience

RTA bond lodgement processes changing from 1 October 2019

New Bond Lodgement web service to replace PDF upload facility

Rental offenders put on notice

RTA compliance crackdown continues

Navigate the rental market with ease

Rental information and help at your fingertips

RTA webinar: Investigations

Tenancy law enforcement and compliance

Let’s talk renting – RTA touching down in Townsville for tenancy event series

Free sessions for tenants, agents and property owners/managers

Multilingual resources available for RTA customers

Translated tenancy information at your fingertips

How long can a fixed term lease run for?

Median length of tenancies in houses is growing

RTA median rent data helps inform Queenslanders’ renting choices

Quarterly data gives insights to the Queensland rental sector

RTA webinar: Ending a tenancy

Tune into this month’s RTA webinar for the essentials of ending a tenancy

What happens in dispute resolution at the RTA?

Know the process and ensure you’re prepared

Lodge and pay your bond online

New online service available for single bond lodgements

Ending a tenancy agreement

Do it legally, do it right and put it in writing!

RTA webinar: Starting a tenancy on the right foot

Register for the next RTA webinar

Quiet enjoyment – what does it mean in a tenancy?

Tenants are entitled to reasonable peace, comfort and privacy

Free tenancy training helps renters stand out from the crowd

Skillsets for Successful Tenancies – Dollars and Sense

Using tenancy databases accurately and fairly

Know your rights and obligations

Responding to domestic and family violence

Helpful DFV resources for property managers

Rental information on tap – your water charges explained

Rules and top tips for tenants and landlords

Solar for rentals giving tenants access to solar power

Program trial available in Bundaberg, Gladstone and Townsville

Winter is coming: don’t be caught by surprise!

Handy maintenance checklist for a fuss-free winter in your rental home

Two commandments for apartment and body corporate living

Know thy rules and love thy neighbours

RTA tenancy agreement forms updated

Witness signatures no longer required 

General inspections – how to ensure a hassle-free experience

Know your rights, responsibilities and best practices

RTA online forms to improve convenience for our customers

We’re making it easier for you to do business with us

Rental Recovery Hub to boost Townsville flood response

New facility offers coordinated multi-agency advice for renters and property managers/owners.

RTA ramps up flood recovery support

Additional help and support available for North Queenslanders

Stay in the loop with updates on the next phase of Open Doors to Renting Reform

Keep up to date with the Renting in Queensland Initiative.

Top tips when vacating a rental home

Watch the RTA’s handy video to help you complete the Refund of rental bond (Form 4).

House-hunting checklist for students

Protect yourself – know your renting rights and responsibilities.

Real estate agent jailed after joint prosecution

RTA, QPS and OFT collaborate in major investigation.

Living free from violence is every tenant’s right

Support is available for those experiencing violence in their home.

Complete Bond lodgement (Form 2) for successful submission

Watch a video and learn three tips for a stress-free bond lodgement

Caution: storms, floods and cyclones ahead!

Plan ahead for severe weather events.

Ending an agreement early

There are rules around ending an agreement early.

Let’s Spring into action

Prepare for hot weather and storm season just around the corner.

The latest version of 17b pocket guide is now available online.

The latest version of 17b pocket guide is now available online.

RTA successful in Queensland-first prosecution

Real estate agency fined for submitting misleading document.

Don’t enter rental premises through the back door

Give adequate notice and seek permission before entering a home.

Renting caravans, sites and cabins: what agreement should you use?

Reminder to use the correct tenancy agreement in a park.

Getting your agreements right

Cairns accommodation director prosecuted for offences against the Act.

Media statement: Bond, Operation Bond

Joint compliance operation between the RTA and the Office of Fair Trading.

It pays to know your rights on rent payments

Tenants should have a choice in how they pay their rent.

Rent increases: know the law before you make the call

Before you increase a tenant’s rent, know your obligations.

Pocket guide for tenants (17a) - updated

We have updated our Pocket guide for tenants – houses and units (Form 17a).

Landlords in Mackay - Get the facts from a free seminar

Two free 90-minute seminars for landlords and property managers in Mackay on Tuesday 19th June.

Opening Doors: A toolkit for finding private rentals

Finding and keeping housing in the private market is not impossible if you know where to get support.

Get the facts on special terms

Watch this video to find out if your special terms in tenancy agreements are compliant with the law.

Don’t expose yourself – or your tenants

Don’t leave a tenant exposed when advertising a rental property for rent or sale.

RTA increases its prosecutions

The RTA has significantly ramped up investigations and increased the number of prosecutions.

RTA blitz issues record infringement notices

Penalty notices have increased by 700 per cent compared to previous years.

Townsville real estate agents fined $8.5k for breaching rental laws

A real estate agency in Townsville has been fined $8,500 for committing several offences.

Queensland real estate agency fined $10k with a criminal conviction recorded

A real estate agency has been fined for requiring a tenant to purchase carpet cleaning services

Should carpet cleaning be included as a special term?

The inclusion of a special term regarding carpet cleaning is not necessary

Emergency repairs: who’s responsible?

Tenants and property managers/owners are being urged to know their rights when it comes to emergency repairs

Brisbane property owner prosecuted for breaching rental laws

A Brisbane property owner has been fined $2000 for unlawfully recovering possession of premises

Exit this way: remember the condition report

An important reminder for tenants moving out of a rental property – take time to complete the exit condition report.

Don’t get tripped up when sub-letting

Tenants intending to rent out entire properties, or rooms in properties they have rented, are reminded to seek permission

Bond disputes best resolved out of court

Bond disputes are the most common type of tenancy dispute in Queensland

Unclaimed bonds: remember to update your details

Tenants are urged to contact the RTA to update their details

Who is responsible for mould in a rental property?

One of the most commonly asked questions about rental property maintenance

Partnership to keep rental market fair

Partnership between the RTA and Department of Justice and Attorney-General

Ask the RTA – noisy dog

What to do if a noisy dog moves into a rental property next door

Increasing the rent in rooming accommodation

What are the rules around charging more rent in a boarding house?

Documents the caravan park tenant should have

Mandatory documentation to be distributed to the tenant prior to renting a van.

Removal of graffiti

Who's responsible for removal of graffiti on a rental property?

Penalties and Prosecutions: Get the facts

There are a substantial number of offences under the RTRA Act.

Seizure of a resident’s goods for rent

It is illegal to take a residents good in lieu of unpaid rent

Rentals and robberies

Where do you stand if your rental property is broken into?

Broken windows

Who's responsible if a window in a rental property is accidentally broken?

Warrant of possession – the last straw

WOP is the last straw for getting rid of troublesome tenants

Breaking a lease

Breaking a lease for excessive hardship – what are my rights and what costs are involved?

Holding deposits

The rules governing the holding of deposit to secure a rental property

Security in rooming accommodation

What are the stipulations about security in rooming accommodation?

Moving on fairly

Unsure how damage and wear to a rental property is defined?

Jump into pool safety

Don’t dive into the deep end without understanding your rights and responsibilities.

You and your caravan – who’s responsible for emergency repairs?

Learn how to get your caravan fixed as soon as possible.

Friends – how many is too many?

Two’s company, three’s a crowd. Know when it’s time to ask someone to leave.

Fur babies creating a storm

Fur babies in the balance, how the discussion about letting them on the lease is progressing.

Hosing down disputes over water charging

Ways to take the sting out of high water bills.