Bond basics - what you need to know

21 Jun 2021

Bond basics – what you need to know to understand how to lodge a bond, make changes, and claim the bond after the tenancy has ended. The webinar provides practical tips to help tenants, property owners and property managers at different stages of tenancies. 

Topics include:

  • The bond cycle - at the start, during and end of a tenancy
  • Legislative requirements for bond lodgement and refunds
  • How to lodge a bond Using RTA Web Services for bond lodgement
  • Changes to the bond – topping up or transferring to new property
  • Changes to bond contributors or property managers/owners
  • How to make bond refunds quicker and easier Fast track, notice of claim and dispute resolution processes and timelines
  • Claiming a bond in a domestic and family violence situation
  • The eServices facility for property managers/owners
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