Ending a tenancy - a guide for tenants

23 Oct 2020


This resource is currently being reviewed and updated following the 1 October 2022 rental law changes.

As a result, some of the information contained in this resource may be out of date. 

Visit the RTA's rental law changes web page to access the latest information.

In this webinar, Ending a tenancy – a tenant’s guide, we share our top tips to help tenants navigate the end of tenancy process. We step you through vacating your rental property and explore the bond refund process.  

In this practical 14-minute webinar, you will learn about: 

  • leaving your rental property, including receiving or giving notice  
  • an overview of the vacate process 
  • tips for moving out 
  • how the bond refund process works 
  • what to do if you can’t agree on the bond refund.
Original publication on 23 Oct 2020
Last updated on 20 Oct 2022

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