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Update your details

You can use the RTA’s Web Services to provide or update your details as an individual or on behalf of your organisation.

If you are updating your details online for the first time, please refer to our helpful resources below.

What do I need to update my details?

If you are updating your details as an individual, you will need:

  • your QGov login details (or create a QGov account)
  • a bond number for a current tenancy
  • your bank account details (only if you plan to update these details).

If you are updating your organisation’s details, you will need:

  • your QGov login details (or create a QGov account)
  • your organisation’s RTA ID number
  • a bond number for a current tenancy
  • access to your organisation’s registered email address, as we will send you an automated verification code at the appropriate step of completing this form.

First-time users: If you are registering your organisation’s details for the first time, you will also need your organisation’s Australian Business Number (ABN), contact details and bank details.

Note: If you do not have Australian-issued identification and cannot verify your digital identity through QGov, you can use the RTA’s paper-based client details form or call our helpdesk for assistance on 1300 366 311.



Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What details can I update in this Web Service?

You can use this Web Service to update your:

  • full name
  • postal address
  • street address
  • phone number
  • email address (organisations only; individuals can update their email via QGov)
  • bank account details.

Note for managing parties: To update your Australian Business Number (ABN), you will need to register as a new organisation. As this number is a unique identifier for an organisation, we are unable to update ABNs for existing organisations in our customer database. You must be authorised by your organisation to update its bank account details.

Note for organisations: To update your details as an organisation, you will need to complete the two-step authentication process (via a verification code that will be emailed to you).

Why do I need to update my details with the RTA?

Updating your customer or organisational details with the RTA will help us to refund the bond at the end of a tenancy as quickly as possible and make the whole process run smoothly. It also allows us to get in touch quickly if we require further information or need to notify you of any changes.

Why can’t you just use my QGov details?

QGov is the Queensland Government’s secure digital identity verification platform which is used by RTA Web Services and a number of online government services.

If you agree to share your QGov information with the RTA as part of your digital ID verification, QGov will only share the following details with the RTA:

  • name
  • email address
  • date of birth (individuals only).

This information is only used by the RTA for the purposes of managing rental bonds.

Any additional details, such as your phone number, property address or bank details will need to be updated via the RTA’s Update Your Details Web Service.

I’m a property manager/owner – why do I need to enter a bond number to update my details?

We ask you to enter an active bond number for a tenancy you manage as another way to match and verify your digital identity. This bond number is not recorded and does not impact any of your customer details with the RTA.

I’m a property manager/owner – what safeguards do you have in place to stop individuals updating my organisation’s details without my permission?

When updating an organisation’s details, you will be asked to complete a two-step authentication process, where the RTA will send an email to the email address recorded for the organisation (not the individual) on the RTA’s database. You will then need to enter the verification code into the form to verify that you are authorised to update your organisation’s details.

I’m a property manager/owner – can I use this form to update my organisation’s Australian Business Number (ABN)?

No, if your organisation is already registered with the RTA, you cannot update your ABN.

If you need to change your organisation’s ABN, you will need to register as a new organisation via the RTA’s Update Your Details Web Service.

Who can I contact for support?

You can visit the RTA website, call the RTA Contact Centre (please select the Web Services hot button) on 1300 366 311 or +61 7 3046 5400 (international) between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, or email