Online Bulk Bond Lodgement

Changes to Queensland rental laws came into effect from 6 June 2024. Learn more about the changes and what they mean for you. 

You can use the RTA’s Bulk Bond Lodgement Web Service to lodge multiple bonds and bond increases online and pay for them in one easy transaction, via BPAY.  

This Web Service can only be used by joint lessors, agents, student accommodation providers and other property managers working on behalf of an organisation. If you are a private landlord or a tenant, please lodge your bond via the single Bond Lodgement Web Service.  

Note: for the best user experience, the RTA recommends using a browser other than Internet Explorer to access Web Services. 

Before you begin, you will need: 

  • your QGov login details (or create a QGov account
  • your organisation/joint lessor partnership’s RTA ID 
  • the main email address which the RTA uses for communicating with your business/joint lessor partnership
  • the rental property addresses associated with each bond 
  • names and unique email addresses for all tenants associated with each bond 
  • each property's bond number (for bond increases only). 

Note: If you do not have Australian-issued identification and cannot verify your identity through QGov, you can use the RTA’s paper Bond lodgement form and post it to the RTA. The RTA cannot verify your identity on behalf of QGov.

Remember: Any person knowingly submitting false or misleading details in this Web Service is committing an offence under Queensland law. This includes knowingly providing incorrect email addresses for any of the parties on the bond. 

Information on QGov, including how to create a QGov account, is available on the RTA's Understanding QGov page

Bulk Bond Lodgement process

Follow the five steps below to use the Bulk Bond Lodgement Web Service.

5 steps to Bulk Bond Lodgement Web Service


  1. Enter your details – this includes your organisation/joint lessor partnership’s main email address and RTA ID  
  2. Add bond increases – use the Add bond increase button to add bond increases to the bulk lodgement. Once you’re finished, click on the continue button to proceed to the new lodgements page 
  3. Add bond lodgements – use the Add new lodgement button to add a bond to the bulk lodgement. Once you’re finished, click continue to proceed to the summary page 
  4. Review and submit – review your bond increases and bond lodgements on the summary page. Use the edit buttons if you need to change any of the details before you submit your bulk bond lodgement.  
  5. Pay via BPAY – once you submit your bulk bond lodgement, a BPAY code will be generated which you can use to pay for your bulk bond lodgement.  

Important: each bulk bond lodgement will remain open for 10 days. After this time, it will be deleted.  

The video below gives you a more detailed step-by-step overview of how to use the Bulk Bond Lodgement Web Service.  

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)